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Funky Fish

I have been busy digging deep in my found, broken, cool, treasure box and working in my studio to put these Frankenstein Funky Fishes together.  I have been having a blast!!  The Peanut has made a creation or two herself. These COVID blues are being fought off by creating and playing in the studio. This is Bob. Bob’s got a lot of things going for him, including a mouth that lights up and his funky teeth. Bob’s lucky number is 3, and he enjoys eating fish in threes, with his 3 funky teeth .  Here's Ruby Redfish.  She's got a lot of sparkle to her in person, and yup, that's an old watch face in her eye. This is Stella.   Stellllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa desires more than a streetcar, She has a light up tail that is  battery operated , and part of a hammer for her mouth.  She is full of whimsy,  loads of fun, and can brighten up any room ;) Up next is Finaeus Fish.   FINAEUS Fish is the fun loving sort, that brings punk and circumstance together. Finaeus puts the funky, in

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